Welcome to Ethics Matters

Mission Statement of Ethics Matters, Inc.

Ethics Matters, Inc. of Queen Anne's County, MD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization that promotes public understanding of ethical governance.

Ethical governance is fair, transparent, and accountable. It is free from financial conflicts of interest and improper influence. Government officials and employees are guided by ethical standards upheld by an independent ethics commission.

Ethics Matters, Inc. believes that in order to preserve the public's trust in its government, ethical governance should be considered a fundamental right of the people.

Five Principles of Public Service Ethics

  1. Public office is a trust; use it only to advance public interests, not personal gain.
  2. Make decisions on the merits, free from partiality, prejudice or conflicts of interest.
  3. Conduct government openly, efficiently, equitably and honorably so the public can make informed judgments and hold public officials accountable.
  4. Honor and respect democratic principles; observe the letter and spirit of laws.
  5. Safeguard public confidence in the integrity of government by avoiding appearances of impropriety and conduct unbefitting a public official.

Reprinted from "Preserving the Public Trust: The Five Principles of Public Service Ethics" with permission from the Josephson Institute of Ethics. www.josephsoninstitute.org