Housing Authority Complaint Update, New Member @ 30 Aug 2018
At its February meeting, the Ethics Commission voted to hold a hearing on the complaint regarding the members of the Housing Authority of Queen Anne's County. The hearing was held on April 16. On April 30, the Ethics Commission reported its conclusion that a conflict of interest exists for each of the respondents. No fine was levied, but the respondents were given a Cease and Desist Order (see Findings and Decisions on Complaint 17-001 in the Opinions section of this website). The decision of the Ethics Commission in this complaint has been appealed by the respondents to the Circuit Court of Queen Anne's County with the hearing set for November 2018.
Francis Roudiez has withdrawn as an alternate member of the Ethics Commission, and Jerry Jordan of Queenstown has been appointed to complete Mr. Roudiez's term. Mr. Jordan began his service on the Ethics Commission at the August Meeting.
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